Jen and Brendan
July 17, 2010

Agra, India- October 2007
Hello, and welcome to Jen and Brendan's planning bio!  We're world travelers, amateur foodies, animal lovers and insatiable readers, and we are so excited to be planning our July 2010 wedding in our hometown- Pittsburgh, PA.  Brendan is a corporate attorney and Jen is a manager at a nonprofit foundation, and we currently reside in the fun, exciting city of Chicago.  We have known each other our entire lives- our mothers have been close friends since they were in law school together, and Jen's mom was Brendan's first babysitter while still pregnant with Jen.  We took annual family vacations together, attended each other's homecoming dances in high school, and started seriously dating when Jen joined Brendan one year behind at the University of Notre Dame.  After the college years and three years of long-distance dating while Brendan attended law school outside of Boston, we're finally making it official!
This is the first picture of us together (with our moms)- Jen is one month old and Brendan is five months old!

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